Feral Hog Stampede
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Hunter Shoots Feral Hog, Nearly Gets Run Over by 100 Others

This guy nearly got trampled in a feral hog stampede!

Everyone knows that feral hogs are a huge problem, especially in Texas and other parts of the south. Large sounders of these animals can destroy a farmer's entire field of crops in a single night. It is not wonder that the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has a policy on hogs that might as well just state: "Anything goes."

The video we are sharing with you today gives a better idea of how bad the hog problem is than any other we have ever seen before. What you are about to see is a hunter sighting down on a feral hog. He takes one shot.

What happens next is a literal avalanche of feral swine that nearly wipe out the hunter and the guy shooting the eye-popping video. Just for fun, try to count them all as they start running. Good luck!

We have so many questions after watching this jaw-dropping video. Was this high fence? We are not sure. The company linked in the description is a hog hunting outfitter out of East Texas, so we are assuming that is where this video was shot. Secondly, that was one of the largest sounders we have ever seen on video, but they only had one guy shooting one hog? If there was ever a time for multiple hunters with semi-autos this was it.

That larger hog running over the young one reminded us of that scene from the TV show "Seinfeld" where George pushes women and children out of the way while cowardly escaping a fire. Only in this case it was a panicking hog. I guess with hogs it is "every pig for him/herself?" One thing is for sure, that smaller hog got wrecked by the larger one!

In any case, hiding behind the tree really was the only course of action here. No one wants to be trampled by a bunch of pigs. It certainly makes for some spectacular footage that underscores how bad the hog problem is down in Texas!

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