Image via The Superior Telegram

Remember the 'Unicorn' Buck Shot in Wisconsin?

This buck's third antler sprouts from the center of its head like a unicorn.

This guy reached new deer hunting heights when he harvested an especially rare whitetail: a three-antlered monster.

Indiana hunter Brian Moffitt tagged a buck in Bayfield County, Wisconsin, that was already large enough to make most hunters green with envy. But the third antler that shot out from the center of the deer's skull just added to the uniqueness of this trophy.


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The Superior Telegram reported this buck took the nickname, "Unicorn," for obvious reasons. Many people in the area had spotted the deer before.

"I've never seen anything like it," Moffitt told reporters. "I've got several good bucks back at home, but this is the best one."

Moffitt lured in the rutting buck with some scents and shot the unicorn buck with a bow on family-owned property. He thinks the buck could score 160, easily qualifying it for Pope and Young, but he isn't sure how the third non-typical antler will fit into the score.

While Pope and Young's website doesn't specify anything about three-antlered deer, if the club's rules are anything like Boone and Crockett, Moffitt may be out of luck. Boone and Crockett has apparently run into enough three-antlered whitetail bucks that they've made a ruling where they don't accept three-antlered deer into their records system.

"Three-antlered trophies are certainly unique and noteworthy," Boone and Crockett's website states. "However, the Records Committee ruled many years ago that such trophies are considered 'freaks' and are not eligible for entry in the records program. The fact that a three-antlered animal is not eligible for entry in the records archives does not diminish such a trophy in any way. The scoring system was simply not designed to handle such trophies."

Still, Moffitt's buck is an awesome trophy and a buck that's more unique than most other hunters will ever shoot. Moffitt was most excited to share his awesome deer with his father Robert, the original purchaser of the property who didn't make the trip with Brian.

"We're a tight family, and we've always done things together," Moffitt told reporters. "I've sent him photos already; he's pretty excited."