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These Guys Chase a Moose with an ATV in British Columbia and It is Disgusting

Wild Moose Chase In British Columbia By An ATV Is Disgusting

This wild moose chase filmed by a couple of “hunters” riding an ATV in British Columbia is absolutely disgusting.

A “hunter” in British Columbia filmed this wild moose chase involving an ATV traveling up to 35 mph (57km/h) last year and posted it to YouTube. The video was discovered by a few ethical hunters last week who rightly criticized the behavior of the people in the video, which appears to be a pretty clear case of wildlife harassment with a motor vehicle.

The original video has since been taken down. However, someone made a copy of the wild moose chase video, re-posted it to YouTube, and then reported it to a British Columbia Conservation Officer (game warden).

Since the video of this wild moose chase is a copy made by simply filming the original video with a cell phone, it is very poor quality. However, it still does a good job of showing the disgusting behavior of these people claiming to be hunters.

Fortunately, the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service has launched an investigation into this wild moose chase video and has identified two suspects.

According to Dave Webster, a conservation officer in Grand Forks:

It’s a classic example of harassing an animal with a motor vehicle. What we would encourage the public to do, and what we believe most rational people would have done, is you pull over, turn off your machine, and let the animal recover and get off the road.

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These Guys Chase a Moose with an ATV in British Columbia and It is Disgusting