humans vs. nature
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It's Humans vs. Nature in This Ridiculous Fail Video

If we're honest, we probably all have some sort of fail every day. In the battle of humans vs. nature, we're almost always going to be on the losing end.

Let's be real here; everyone enjoys a good fail video. Assuming you are not the star of the show, being able to sit back and watch someone harmlessly fail at mostly normal, day to day tasks can give us a good laugh and help us to feel a little better about our own day. Take a look as these people take on nature, and we'll let you decide who the winners are...

Whether it's a guy who just wants to go fishing or a group of people who didn't fully read their snowmobile manuals, epic fails are all around us. When you pit yourself against mother nature, chances are you are going to lose sooner or later. Hopefully for all of us there will be someone around with a video camera when the time comes; and hopefully we all have the ability to laugh at ourselves and appreciate the moment.

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