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J Alain Smith Shows Us How Not to Boomerang Hunt

Going on a boomerang hunt is something most don't get to experience, but if you do, we hope it ends better than J Alain Smith's boomerang hunt did.

J Alain Smith, the host of the popular show Rugged Expeditions, went on a hunting trip to Australia. And, like any good traveler, he took the time to learn about and get accustomed to local practices.

One of those practices in Australia is hunting with a boomerang. After a few lessons Smith decided it was time for him to embark on his boomerang hunt; you'll have to see for yourself how it turned out.

We think it's safe to say that Smith probably did not take down any buffalo with his boomerang during this particular trip.

Even though that aboriginal boomerang does look very nice and, it is actually possible to hunt with one. As much as we take things like the boomerang and the atlatl for curiosities, they are actually weapons and in the right hands, can prove quite deadly.

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