HUK's New Sport Fishing Commercial is Pretty Badass

HUK Gear's new numbers commercial breaks down tournament fishing by the numbers - really, by the numbers. It's fast-paced, powerful and hits home with just what it takes to be a successful Bassmaster Pro.

Being a bass tournament professional angler is no walk in the park. It takes motivation, hard work, a willingness to be uncomfortable, and the dedication to put in a whole lot of hours and a whole lot of miles. HUK Gear's new commercial hammers that point home, with force.


Their new "numbers commercial" highlights any given year's number of days (239) and hours (1,912) spent on the water, the mileage you put on your boat racing from one spot to the other (12,300), the minutes spent casting (102,420), and the number of casts (410,000) it takes to be be a pro.

But like the commercial says, everyone does that. What sets the winners apart from the losers is the results that come at the end of all of those days, hours, minutes, casts and miles. That part - the result - is indeed up to you.

If you follow the Bassmaster Tournament series, this commercial should fuel your fire. It's powerful and really gets the message across - in 30 seconds - about the nuts and bolts of being a pro angler.

It is a numbers game. It's also a game of skill and luck. It's hard to say what sets the anglers at the very top apart from those lower down in the placings. But one thing is for sure: Every angler has to put in the time, mileage and casts to be in the game.

HUK Gear nailed it with this commercial.

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