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Ugly Stik: Even an Angry Wife Can't Break This Fishing Rod [VIDEO]

An Ugly Stik fishing rod IS one tough rod, but is it really this tough?

The battle of the sexes is a well of comedic material that never runs dry. This chuckle-worthy advertisement draws from that well to good effect as a wife takes out her frustrations on her husband's Ugly Stik fishing rod, while he sits quietly and unemotionally eating his breakfast cereal.

I still use my original Ugly Stik since I purchased it several decades ago. They are a solid, dependable fishing rod.

Their tagline is, after all, "America's Strongest, Most Sensitive Rod."

But while I sure wouldn't dare put my Ugly Stik through the torture this wife puts it through to keep her husband from spending another weekend fishing, it does make for a pretty humorous fishing commercial.

I always thought the old cliche was that wives were glad to have their husbands out of the house on fishing trips. Ha!

I think a great follow-up ending to this funny commercial would be for the husband in this sketch to bring his wife an Ugly Stik of her own, so that they could both go fishing together!

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Ugly Stik: Even an Angry Wife Can't Break This Fishing Rod [VIDEO]