Huge Wolf
YouTube: Siddharth Gandhi

Huge Yellowstone Wolf Hauntingly Stares Down Driver of a Car


Few predators are more intimidating than the gray wolf. The animal is an awesome apex predator that rightfully strikes fear in the hearts of other animals wherever they are found. The greater Yellowstone ecosystem is just one of the places these predators rule. And today's video demonstrates just what makes these animals so frightening to the elk, deer, and bison that live there. This viral video was shot in the park at night and shows a massive black wolf wandering into the road in the headlights of a car in a desolate part of the park.

There's something about the way the headlights light up this animal's eyes and highlight the massive muscles in its legs and neck that is enough to make anyone's hair stand on end. After wandering back and forth across the road, the massive predator vanishes back into the night as silently as it appeared.

Just look at the size of this wolf's paws! This is one of the burliest and most intimidating wolves we've ever seen on video. The way it stops and looks directly at the camera is nothing less than haunting. Without something else for a sense of scale, it's hard to tell exactly how large the animal is. However, it's worth noting that some of the largest gray wolves on record were documented at nearly 6 feet from head to tail. Some of the largest specimens on record weighed 150 pounds or more. No wonder they can take down adult bison and elk in larger groups.


Imagine running into an animal like this in the woods at night with only the light of a full moon to illuminate it. Seeing this, it's not much of a stretch to imagine where legends of werewolves came from.

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