Grey wolf in snow looking at camera
Getty/John Morrison Photographer

Huge Gray Wolf Stares Down Car in Deserted Yellowstone Park

Few animals are more intimidating than the gray wolf. This apex predator can be found across Alaska, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and the Yellowstone area of Wyoming. Wolves hunt a wide variety of prey, including large animals like elk, bison, and moose. Many smaller animals, such as ravens and magpies, benefit from wolf kills—but that doesn't make them any less feared within their ecosystems. A video of a Yellowstone wolf encounter shows just how scary these creatures can be.

This viral clip, which shows a massive wolf wandering into the road, was shot in the deserted park at night.


There's something about the way the headlights light up the animal's eyes and highlight its strong muscles that makes your hair stand on end. And just look at the size of this wolf's paws! Without something else for a sense of scale, it's hard to tell exactly how large it is. Male and female gray wolves typically weigh between 80 and 130 pounds, stretching between four and six feet long from nose to tail. However, it's worth noting that some of the largest gray wolves on record were even bigger, weighing 150 pounds or more.

Imagine running into an animal like this in the woods at night with only the light of a full moon to illuminate it. Seeing this video, it's a bit easier to understand where legends of werewolves came from.

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