Big Unveilings, New Guns Coming from Henry Repeating Arms in 2017

See what's in store for the newest firearm lineup from America's own Henry Repeating Arms.

A bunch of big news rolled out of the firearms world recently, and it all comes straight from one company: Henry Repeating Arms.

Individually, the new guns that were just announced as part of the 2017 lineup would make waves. Taken collectively, they represent the advancements of Henry as a traditional yet forward-thinking, industry-leading gun brand.

For starters, the Henry Frontier Long Barrel 24" debuts as an addition to Henry's rimfire rifles, which have remained some of the most popular and widely-regarded available. The Frontier model is regarded as having an action that makes it the "Slickest Gun in the West."


h001tspr-tmspr-frontier-octagon-threaded-heroThe blued steel octagonal barrel is stretched four inches beyond the preceding model, giving it more accuracy and setting the stage for a remarkable firearm. It will be available in .22 S/L/LR and .22 Magnum.

The Big Boy series of rifles, perhaps Henry's most recognizable, got a few updates and additions as well.


The new All-Weather Big Boy features a durable hard chrome plating on the already successful pistol-calibered platform (Big Boys come in three basic handgun calibers, and this new All-Weather model has the same 20" round barrel). That expands the firearm selection Henry offers that allows owners to use the same ammunition for handguns and long guns.

Adding Shotguns to the Mix


Henry is also venturing into the shotgun realm, with the first ever models from the company rolling off shelves this year. There are two main options to start: a .410 Bore Lever Action Shotgun (a 24" barrel version, plus one with a lighter, shorter 20" barrel) as well as a Single Shot Shotgun in .410, 20, and 12 gauge brass or steel options. 


h015-single-shot-heroThe basis of those Single Shot Shotguns came from the new Single Shot Rifles, another first for Henry. The rifles include a myriad of calibers: in steel they include .223, 243, .308, .44 Magnum, and .45-70; and in brass .44 Magnum and .45-70.

The break action one-shooters will be perfect for hunters and shooters looking for good quality and function without all the extra (and sometimes unnecessary) features that add to the cost. Though the single shots are on the lower end of Henry's price range, they're not meant to be seen as entry-level. They receive the same attention to detail and high standards as any of the company's centerfire rifles.

New Special Tribute Editions

Perhaps the most eye-catching unveiling from Henry in 2017 will be the two new Tribute Edition rifles, built on the Golden Boy platform and chambered in .22 S/L/LR.


The Fraternal Order of Eagles Tribute Edition features a 24K gold plated receiver and the organization's symbol is laser engraved and then hand-painted on the American Walnut stock.


h004-sat-r-closeupThe Second Amendment Tribute Edition honors the NRA's devotion to preserving our right to bear arms, and includes a gold-plated eagle, Bill of Rights, and Second Amendment on one side of the receiver. The other side features a flintlock rifle above the now-famous "From my cold dead hands" quote made by former NRA president Charlton Heston at the 2000 NRA convention. If there was ever a gun that helped folks understand what it means to own one, this would be it.

Remember, all Henry Rifles are 100% made in America, down to the screws holding them together. They're a company that does a lot of good, not just for the gun consumer, but for meaningful causes as well. Henry TV has burst onto the scene as well, bringing even more great firearms info and content to the masses. If these are any indication, 2017 is going to be a big year for Henry.

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