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22Plinkster Takes Henry Repeating Arms World Wide with Henry TV

22Plinkster has recently been signed to show you how far you can run your Henry Repeating Arms.

22Plinkster has been very well solidified in the Youtube arena for his trick shots and uncanny ability to show us how far you can run with your 22LR. The best part of his videos is that he keeps the shooting fun and well spirited.

Sometimes we often dismiss what the 22LR or even a lever action gun can do. Thats where Henry Repeating Arms has challenged 22Plinkster with the ability to run and gun as hard as he can. Henry Repeating Arms is no stranger to the market, and they have hired the best guy to test the limits of their awesome rifles.

Keeping with the American tradition, 22Plinkster will show America, and the world different techniques and different methods that will enhance your ability to train, hunt, and even fight with a lever action rifle. Today's political climates, and even the price of some outrageous AR15's have left some shooters looking for something a little different. Something that can give them a different edge in the shooting world and can even give them some pride of ownership like no other.

Youtube is home to many different shooters that use their weapons for many different applications. Firearms are truly utilized in the most upmost, respective manner at all times on the Henry Repeating Arms Channel. These quality firearms are not toys but when harnessed correctly can be great tools to the owner and allow them to expand their horizons. Stay safe, keep training, and keep checking into the Henry Repeating Arms Channel.


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22Plinkster Takes Henry Repeating Arms World Wide with Henry TV