Howling Coyotes Put on a Show Outside San Francisco


A couple of coyotes put on quite a show just outside of San Francisco recently, when they teamed up for a howling session. Fortunately, someone had a camera to capture the duo as they did their thing.

Andrew Bland admits he was lucky enough to be on the spot with a camera when two coyotes began a howling duet. Bland captured the pair as they yipped, barked, howled, squeaked and generally sounded like a whole chorus of 'yotes.

Get a load of this singing!

Of course we don't know what triggered the coyotes to begin their symphonic concerto. But it almost sounds as though they were able to get a few other canines - domestic or wild - involved in the tune as well.


This entertaining scene occurred just outside of San Francisco, where coyotes run rampant and are even becoming a dangerous nuisance to pets. I even heard that some coydogs had attacked a human recently.

Coyotes have been in the news quite a bit lately, largely because of their increasing presence and adaptability to urban environments. Some folks have even taken to "domesticating" coyotes and living with them.

Whatever the case may be with the two on this hillside, wouldn't you just love to know what they were howling about?

Coyote Bob: "I'm bored. Let's mix it up a bit. We've got some folks over there watching us."
Coyote Steve: "Sure, okay. You start and I'll join in. What should we howl about?"
Coyote Bob: "I don't know. Let's just make it loud and throw in a few squeaks and barks just to give them something to talk about."
Coyote Steve: "Sounds good. Oh look...that guy has a camera! I love being on camera!"


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