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14-Foot Python in Car Engine Requires Three People to Remove It

Forget 'Snakes on a Plane', automobile owners in Zimbabwe have 'Snakes in Your Car" issues to contend with.

Driver: "Hey mate, I've got a little car trouble."
Mechanic: "What's the problem?"
Driver: "I'm not sure. It's making a hissing noise when I shift into third."

This farmer in Zimbabwe had a little bit of snake trouble. You see, if he found a rather large rock python slithering around in his chicken coop. Not surprising, as the flightless birds make for an easy meal for a snake as large as this. In any case, he is not in the business of providing local reptiles with chicken dinners, so he captured the big constrictor, gingerly placed it into a large sack and prepared to drive it a few miles down the road to release it away from his farm.

Upon releasing the python, it immediately slithered back and up into the farmer's truck engine bay, where we join the scene in the video below. It takes three people to extract this massive reptile from the engine!

The farmer reportedly attempted to slowly drive around a bit, hoping to compel the snake to leave on its own. It refused. So, he called a few friends to give a hand - several hands actually - in removing the heavy python from his truck and releasing it, hopefully for the final time.

As the video starts we hear someone mention that it's the same snake issue "we had last time". The best part is the man's young son, who alternately cheers the men on while they extract the big snake and excitedly warns "Daddy don't put that thing in the car!"

But the python is determined, and as soon as they toss it into the high grass one of the men remarks, "It's coming!"

To which the farmer replies, "Not back to the car again, PLEASE!"