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How to Tie a No-Tool Nail Knot By Allen Fly Fishing

nail knot

Allen Fly Fishing breaks down how to tie a no-tool nail knot!

The Nail Knot is easily one of the most popular knots in fly fishing. Now, thanks to Allen Fly Fishing, you can learn to tie this knot using no tools whatsoever. Watch the video below to see the steps needed to master this thing once and for all.

The nail knot doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s how to tie it without any tools (besides something to trim the tag ends of course!). What would you like to see a how-to on next Tuesday? #AllenFlyFishing #HowToTuesday #flyfishing #AnglingInspired

Posted by Allen Fly Fishing on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

As you can see by this video, this knot really isn't that difficult. After a few tries, you can easily figure out how to tie this knot and forget about all the hassle that once revolved around the dreaded nail knot. Here's a high five to Allen Fly Fishing for hooking us up with this smooth tutorial.

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How to Tie a No-Tool Nail Knot By Allen Fly Fishing