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Top 7 Snook Flies and How To Tie Them

Check out Backwater Fly Fishing’s top 7 snook flies for this season, and the HD tying videos to help you tie your own.

Fly fishing for snook can be one of the best times a fly fisherman will ever see. To help you be successful this season here is a compiled list of Backwater’s top seven snook flies, and the HD tying videos you need to learn how to tie them for yourself.

1. Backwater Muddler

Whether you are chasing snook during the mullet run or in the backwater lagoons of the Everglades National Park, this is one fly you will want in your box.

2. Craft Fur Baitfish

This is one of my favorite craft fur baitfish patterns for big predatory fish. It moves like a charm in the water and is a fantastic for big snook off the beaches or in the mangroves.

3. The Ghost Rat

On a sunny day this guy lights up the water and can be fished in a variety of different situations. Since it is tied with relatively light materials it makes for a great fly to throw at spooky or laid up fish.

4. The Crystal River Shrimp

We have had luck on the Crystal River Shrimp all over Florida and Costa Rica. The lead eyes can easily be substituted for bead chain if fishing shallow flats.

5. EP Baitfish

The EP Baitfish has been a huge staple in the fishing scene since EP fibers were invented. Due to the variety of available colors that can be purchased, it is possible to cover 99% of desired baitfish imitations with these simple materials.

6. and 7.  The Backwater Special and the Poppin’ Flats Shrimp

These two flies are lumped into one category simply because the tying instruction on our final versions of them can only be found on our very own, full length fly tying dvd, Top 4 Saltwater Flies.

You can check out the trailer for the Backwater DVD below!

No matter where you decide to chase snook this season, be sure to give these flies a try!



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Top 7 Snook Flies and How To Tie Them