How to Restring a Compound Bow
YouTube: Cabela's

How to Restring Your Bow on Your Own

How to restring a compound bow quickly and easily.

Eventually all bowhunting enthusiasts need to replace the bowstring on their recurve bow, compound bow or crossbow. It does not matter the type of bow. The restringing process just comes with the territory in archery. Eventually the strings will start fraying and the old bowstring will become more susceptible to breaking. That creates an obvious safety issue. Many people go to their local archery shops and have the professional bow technicians do it for them.

However, this can sometimes lead to long wait times if the pro shop is backed up with customers. And sometimes you may need to remove an old bowstring and there is not time before your next hunt. Having the know how to do it yourself does not hurt.

Things get a bit technical, but you basically need a bow press, a new bow string, and a little patience. Thankfully, Cabela's takes us through the process step-by-step in the video below. This is the process for a single cam bow.

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Obviously, the process of getting a bow restrung can be a bit intimidating for beginners. It is not a bad idea to get some help from someone experienced the first time you do it. Especially when it comes time to loosen the limb bolts and for things like re-adding your peep sight, and nock points. Do not forget to measure those things or it may not line up properly with the bow riser when you put everything back together. Keeping the old bowstring on as you go is a helpful tip. Because you need to be aware not just where the end loops go on the cams, but where the string lines up on the other parts of the bow like the pulleys too. Because if you are not careful, the compound bow string is not going to work properly when you come to full draw for the first time. That could be a dangerous situation.

As he mentioned in this video, make sure to consult the bow manufacturers' sticker. It is usually located on the bottom inside of the bow's limbs. It is going to give you vital information on things like draw weight, and string type appropriate for your bow. Once you have the new string in place, just make sure you release the limbs back slowly when you remove the bow from the press.

Proper string maintenance like this is a necessity with any bow, from the most modern compounds to old-school longbows. Keeping the string in top shape will keep your bow shooting well for many years to come. And it will also help you put meat in the freezer more frequently!

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