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Best Bows of 2021: Mathews, Hoyt, Bowtech, PSE and Bear Lead the Pack

New bows shake the industry at every single year, but who's making the most ruckus this year?

The bow industry is perhaps most similar to the automobile industry, as each year brings new models and new features, quickly making last year's hit product feel dated. Shoot, car manufacturers at least do you the courtesy of sticking with a generational theme for four or five years, but bows are typically only new for exactly one year.

There are both pros and cons to this paradigm, though. Sure, your new, fancy bow will surrender to something cooler and better next year. But is there anything better for bowhunting than ruthless competition between brands?

Think back to the bow market of just a decade ago, and then go into your local bow shop and try to rationalize the absurd technological advancements the bowhunting industry has made as a collective.

With such a high volume of new bows coming out every year, though, it's time to dive into this year's field. What are the best bows of 2021?

Mathews V3

A bow Mathews is calling the most stable hunting bow they've ever created, the V3 certainly hasn't been in search of any extra hype. This isn't out of the ordinary, though, as bowhunters around the world anticipate the ATA debuts of Mathews products at an annual rate, which is a testament to just how consistent they are.

With Centerguard Cable Containment, the V3 equalizes the angle of the string for the best possible timing while simultaneously assuring additional vane clearance.

It also dons a new riser design that helps cut weight while also maximizing length and rigidity, new and improved limbs and limb cups and all-new nano 740 3D damping to control post-shot vibration and noise.

Using Mathew's crosscentric cam system with a patent-pending switchweight allows hunters to change draw length and peak draw by 5-pound increments.

Hoyt Carbon RX-5

Similar to Mathews, Hoyt garners a lot of attention every year, and for good reason. This year's no different, as the Carbon RX-5 can stand up to any compound bow ever produced.

With the all-new HBX cam system, the RX-5 feels smoother and more efficient than anything Hoyt's ever put on the shelves, and that's just what's under the hood. They also gave it their In-Light Sight mount for the perfect balance and fit for your favorite sight, QAD's Integrate Mounting system that keeps the rest flush with the bow riser, an SL Sidebar mount and a 2.25-inch, in-line Short Stop Stabilizer.

Hoyt's bows are always lightweight, eerily quiet and downright fast. This year's iteration is no different.

Bowtech Solution

Unsurprisingly the fastest bow on this list at 346 feet per second, the Bowtech Solution is already doing the brand proud. Designed to offer bowhunters a speed bow without the kick, the Solution undoubtedly delivered.

While speed usually comes at the price of comfort, the Solution takes a discount, allowing shooters to get in more reps at the range.

Additionally, it's noticeably stable and equipped with the industry's favorite DeadLock technology, which assures perfect, consistent arrow flight.


You could also make a case for PSE's Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1, but the EVO EVL, which comes in and 32- and 34-inch axle-to-axle offerings, is just too exciting to overlook. A bow that PSE is calling "the most stable, dead-in-hand and tunable hunting bow" they've ever created, it's safe to say it's one worth checking out.

With PSE's widest limb stance ever and their famous Evolve Cam now with the Precision Buss Tuning System, the EVL is as customizable as advertised.

Following your custom tuning session, you can hit the range and fire arrows off at a blistering 345 fps.

Bear Redemption EKO

The Redemption EKO, the all-new flagship bow from Bear Archery, achieves the happy medium between accuracy and maneuverability with a 31-inch axle-to-axle length.

Because the bow is only 4.1 pounds, getting it into a ground blind or up into a tree stand will nothing more than a walk in the park, and all the while it still sends arrows at a modest 342 fps.

Bear also added their new Vibration Reduction System for stabilized riser vibration, keeping each shot quiet and stealthy.

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