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How to Remove Turkey Spurs for a Spur Necklace

Don't let the spurs of your turkeys go to waste. This simple step can help you save those trophies for spur a necklace.

Each turkey hunt is full of its own experiences and memories. We often save the beard and fan to remember the hunt, but what about the spurs?

There is many ways you can showcase the spur of a turkey, but this video shows you how to quickly remove those spurs. After removal, you can then slide them over a string or piece of leather rope to make a cool spur necklace or just add them to your panel mount..

Hang it from your rearview mirror or in your hunting room and remember those hunts the rest of your life.

Quite simple, and pretty cool. Give this a try on your next turkey if you are running out of room to put those turkey legs. Cut at different spots on the leg, depending on how wide you want the spurs to be for your necklace or mount.

Google other ways to use the spurs once they are removed if the manliest necklace known to man isn't something you are interested in.

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