Rare Footage Catches Confused Hen Gobbling

What did you just see? This hen turkey seems a bit confused as she gobbles twice at these hunters.

In a day and age when some women want to be men, and some men want to be women, the animal kingdom doesn't seem to be too ,far off. In an incredibly rare moment, these hunters catch this hen turkey gobbling on a hunt in Nebraska.

Definitely not something you see everyday. And something that would take you by surprise in the turkey woods. When the hen made her way into the decoys originally the camera wasn't running. But then she did the unthinkable and gave the hunters a show.

After hearing the gobble, the hunters turned the camera on in the blind just praying she would give them one more gobble to prove to people they weren't crazy.

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She then followed up with two more gobbles before leaving the area. (Using the words "she" and "gobble" just sounds weird as I type this out!). Full strut and a squeaky gobble later, the hunters have a hunt they will never forget.

Just another reason we all love hunting, you never know what you might witness out there in the wild.

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