How to Remove the Heart of a Big-Game Animal When Using the Gutless Method

Here's a quick how-to video on how to remove the heart from a big game animal when you use the gutless method of field dressing.

Using the gutless method when field dressing is a quick and fairly mess-free way to lessen the weight a big game animal when hauling it out of a field. But one question you might have in the process is how to efficiently remove the heart when it's still hidden by the rib bones inside the chest cavity.

The guys from Hushin answer that question in this brief video.

The heart is a choice piece of meat and it's certainly worth making the effort to retrieve it.

Here's Hushin's video on preparing and cooking the heart from an elk:

If you're like me, you either hunt in the Midwest where you're usually no more than a few short miles from a road, or you want to save as many of the internal organs (liver, kidneys, caul fat) as you can for eating. Either way, the traditional field dressing method may be preferred over the gutless method.

This is a great how-to video on field dressing using that traditional method.

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