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Raw & Uncut: Aussie Water Buffalo Bow Heart Shot [VIDEO]

Watch this bowhunter make a perfect shot on a big Australian water buffalo and camera tracks the buff until it drops.

Cameron Hanes slowly and methodically approaches a large water buffalo in the northern Australian outback. There’s little cover between the buff and Hanes but the animal is feeding and Hanes takes his time. He’s 46 yards away when the bull presents him with a perfect broadside target.

We barely hear the arrow leave his bow but see it hit home. A perfect shot.

The camera follows the buffalo after the hit until the strong animal finally falters and falls.

The quietness and calm of the entire scene almost seems unreal.

As Hanes assesses his bull he remarks on the heat – over 117 degrees – and how heavily muscled the water buffalo are. It is an impressive animal, with beautifully sweeping horns.

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Raw & Uncut: Aussie Water Buffalo Bow Heart Shot [VIDEO]