$16 Tutorial Tee Teaches the Best Of Us How to Properly Pick Up Chicks

Do you need a how-to pick up chicks graphic t-shirt?

Well, we're not saying you don't know how to, but everyone needs a little bit of help, now and again, right? Bring some humor to the farm with this funny tee shirt perfect for guys or gals. Because you know, giving a guy a few tips never hurts. Unfortunately this beauty isn't available in long sleeve for business days, and there's no v-neck or tie dye version available either. Fortunately this how to pick up chicks t-shirt is fantastic as is.

If you live on the ranch, you've probably been around a few hatched chicks. These tiny birds require special care when being held, and can easily be crushed if you aren't careful. This tee shirt, although meant to be worn for humorous purposes, is a good reminder to handle those tiny fluffy chicks with lots of love, and we couldn't agree more.

If you're looking for the perfect gag gift, Father's Day present, or a Christmas white elephant present, why not consider this how to pick up chicks shirt?

1. Tees Geek T-Shirts Funny How to Pick Up Chicks Men's T-Shirt

Feeling like a chick magnet? Or just a chicken lover? This cotton t-shirt from Amazon is a funny gift idea for your friends or for yourself. Graphic tees always add a little personality to the wardrobe. This super soft crew neck has plenty of customer reviews from happy buyers. Made in the USA, this short sleeve black t-shirt is available in 8 other colors. With fast shipping and free returns, you can't go wrong, whether you're purchasing this t-shirt as a funny gift, or for your geek friend for Valentine's Day. Graphic tees are always trending. They look great with cutoffs, jeans, activewear, and more, thanks to their comfy and relaxed fit.

Shop one of Amazon's bestsellers and wear this funny chicken shirt with confidence. If you're looking for a hoodie or a tank top design, Amazon has plenty more retro unisex styles with chick tutorials, in place of the common pickup lines. Feeling bold? Try one of these pickup lines out the next time you're out.

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