How to Outfit Your Bow From Head to Toe

It's the final chance to outfit your bow before the season starts. What do you need and where do you look?

There are plenty of places to look in the growing bow accessory market, but for the sake of this post, we'll stick with Trophy Ridge gear. They're a longtime favorite and regularly releasing new and trustworthy supplies for any and all archers.

If you aren't familiar, all you really need to know is that Trophy Ridge makes the tools that bowhunters trust. We all need a sight, quiver, rest, and stabilizer, and they make high quality versions of each.


The overall selection and variety of sights satisfies anyone's tastes and needs, but the best sights are undoubtedly their React sights.

You can get these sights online or at your local dealer or retailer. If you're looking for them in a Cabela's or Bass Pro, look for the Trophy Ridge React display. It'll be tough to miss, because these things deserve center stage.

Whisker Biscuit

Did you know Trophy Ridge is the original inventor of the Whisker Biscuit? It' been designed to never fail, and despite the myths out there, it will almost always help improve your overall shot. If you're using Trophy Ridge's full capture Kill Shot or Power Shot rest, there is no performance loss.


These might be the best (and almost certainly most stylish) stabilizers out there. The Static Stabilizers offer great stabilization for the price, and come in a variety of sizes.


Whether you're a western mountain or prairie hunter, or a midwest treestand bowhunter, these Trophy Ridge Lock-Light 1 and Lock-Light 2 quivers are going to work for you. With an integrated light in the hood and on top, you can always see where you're going, meaning early, predawn walks or late night recovery efforts just got a little easier.

If you aren't looking out for yourself with good enough accessories to go with that nice, hi-tech bow you've got, then you're setting yourself up for a loss. If you settle for something less than a Trophy Ridge bow accessory, then you're doing pretty much the same thing.

With so little time before the new hunting season, now would be the time to outfit your bow from head to toe.