halo energy sword
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How to Make a Functional Halo Energy Sword (That Won't Kill You)

If you've ever played Halo, chances are you have wanted to own a real version of the Halo energy sword. Now, with a bit of skill, you can make your own.

Halo is one of those iconic video games that seemingly everyone knows about, and the Halo energy sword is one of its most iconic weapons. Unfortunately for video game and weapon lovers everywhere, the Halo energy sword has never really come to be... until now!

Take a look below at how, with a relatively small number of tools and a bit of skill, you can create your own Halo energy sword, and a fairly safe one at that.

While this sword is by no means "safe," it does look like you can manage to use it without instantly cutting your own body parts off. You probably wouldn't use this weapon for normal everyday hunting, but in a self-defense or survival situation... it certainly looks like it can hold its own, as long as the strap is secure to keep it out of your own skin.

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