How to Find Hunting Lease Land: Where Will You Sit Next Season?

Here's a starting point for your search to find hunting lease land.

When it comes to hunting property, especially for deer hunting, quality hunting opportunities can be difficult to come by for many folks who just don't have access to hunting land.

For some, the simple trip to get to public land may be longer than they care for, or they just don't want the struggle of battling for position that comes with it.

There are a number of hunters who may desire and seek out hunting land leases as a way to circumvent these issues and create a situation for themselves that includes exclusive hunting rights to an area that they can call "their own."

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Researching the cost of the lease will give you an idea of the price range in different states, but finding recreational property in the first place is the obvious starting point for those in the market for hunting real estate.

1. Online forums

Hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen and women everywhere have been using these social forums seemingly since we've had internet access. Sites like HuntingNet even have regional forums that span many states including Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and New York just to name a few.

2. Social media

Facebook, Instagram, and other similar social media outlets are replete with similar hunting forums that cater to like-minded individuals to create a conversation about all things hunting.

Groups like the American Hunting Lease Association (AHLA) are at the forefront of finding good, solid hunting property for hunters from the southern Untied States to the northwest, and all the way to Alaska.

At some point, it will be time to stop looking and ask some basic questions, such as which states offer land leases, how much, and what were individual results and experiences?

3. Hunting lease network

One great site where hunters can find and even share hunting land lease information is Hunting Locator. One click on their home page and you will find every state in the union listed, ready to be searched for land-ready-to-hunt.

For instance, clicking on Ohio will quickly reveal many real time locations in the Buckeye State, including how many acres the spot has, the county that it is located in, the type of lease, (part-time or annual), and what kind of game the land holds.

Maybe the best information is the date when the post was made or updated, and yes, the price!

4. Hunting clubs

In my estimation, hunting clubs have been around as long as there has been hunting. When humans began to hunt they must have immediately realized how important community was to the practice and its subsequent success. There may be no better way to be a part of a fun hunt—and find yourself land to do it on—than becoming a member.

I understand that this is not the same as finding a lease of your own, but almost anyone looking for such a hunting opportunity will find that the money paid to be a part of a club will get them much the same thing.

With the number of hunters on the decline, it's a good time to use this information to get the ball rolling towards that lease or club that you've always wanted to be a part of. We all seem to start our searches on the "interweb" but eventually, the time will come when we have to do it the old school way: knock on some doors, and make a few phone calls!

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