How to Fell a Tree with a Chainsaw From the Experts at STIHL

This video on how to fell a tree with a chainsaw will show you how to do it safely and let you in on the paramount tip.

STIHL USA introduces a professional arborist and shows how to fell a tree with a chainsaw the right way while always keeping safety the top priority.

Cutting down a tree can be super dangerous if you don't know what you're doing; if you want to see for yourself check the internet. It is full of tree cutting accidents that cause serious injuries or significant property damage.

These basic tips from a pro, like clearing underbrush, ensuring escape routes, scouting the lay of the tree, and proper cuts, are what is going to do it right. Professionals can make the tree go where they want with uncanny precision in a safe and efficient manner. You can apply these same techniques to less technical problems associated with felling a tree. If it is of medium size without to many large offshoot branches and away from homes and buildings it should not be an issue. However; if it looks more technical and could be dicey get a professional arborist to do it or give you a hand, you will learn a ton and stay safe in the process.

With proper technique and all the required safety gear you can take on a tree or two in your future, just ensure you keep safety at the forefront and don't try to rush the job.