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This is the Best Chainsaw Cut on a Tree Ever

When you have to drop a tree and there’s no room for error, call this guy! This is what cutting down a tree like a boss looks like.

You may find yourself with a situation similar to what these guys faced- you have a tree that has got to go, and you have no place to put it.

Here’s fellow with a chainsaw and some mad-skills that had a tree between a rock and a hard place, and by God he took the bull by the horns and owned it!

Now, there are a lot of folks out there with the skill to do this that have probably made some impossible cuts like the one seen here. Well, videotape it like this guy because that was one hellaciously accurate shot!

I’ve got to believe that he was stuck with the prospect that the tree had to go and ‘damn the torpedoes’, figuring that he would take out the shed if he had to, but try to miss the house. The only thing that tree hit was the ground! His reaction at the end made the whole thing even better.

This one has made the rounds, now go and share it with some tree-cutters you know that could do this!



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This is the Best Chainsaw Cut on a Tree Ever