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How to Create a Total Turkey Call Collection


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If you're hunting turkey, these turkey calls should be part of your collection.

These turkey calls, each picked by our editors for their effectiveness, popularity, and value, should be used as suggestions for the types and styles of calls you should add to your collection.

Flextone Bone Collector Trilogy Mouth Call 3-Pack

turkey callsCreate a variety of yelps, cackles and cutts

Knight & Hale Wet Willy Box Call

wet willyWaterproof and 2-sided, producing light-pitched hen sounds or raspier, lower-pitched sounds

Zink Calls Thunder Ridge Friction Call

thunder ridgeChoose between slate or crystal, and hear the same quality and consistency on every note

Knight & Hale Team Pinpoint Locator Call Kit

hammerinOwl, crow, and 2-in-1 woodpecker/hawk calls to search them out

When you head out into the woods, having each of these calls (and knowing how to use them) will get you a lot farther in your pursuits.

Do you think you'd add any other calls to your arsenal? Are any of these overkill? What do you think?


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How to Create a Total Turkey Call Collection