How to Clean a Deer Heart

Have you eaten a deer heart? Do you know how to clean a deer heart?

Deer heart is probably one of the muscles that gets ignored more often than it should in the practice of harvesting game meat.

It's not that difficult to extract, it's simple enough to clean, and it tastes pretty dang good if you prepare it right.

Here, from the Meateater masters themselves, is a how-to video on cleaning a heart.

Who's hungry?!

Eating deer heart is typical for a first-time hunter, and sometimes it's even done raw. We won't get in the way of anyone's traditions, but preparing a heart the right way really lets you enjoy it that much more.

Steven Rinella, no stranger to venison butchering and preparation, gets a run through from Danielle Prewett from Wild & Whole, who certainly knows her way around a knife as well.

Together their insight should help anyone, even if they're a deer heart virgin, explore the cut of meat that's perhaps the most intriguing out of any found on a game animal.