Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Deer Rifle

This quick guide on how to choose a deer rifle covers some of the basic considerations to make sure you or your family member gets the right gun.

This guide will help you dial into what will suit your needs as you look for a good deer rifle. The bolt-action rifle is a classic that remains strong for American hunting needs and there is a good reason, they are reliable and they are accurate.

A pretty good starter guide for a long gun with different considerations for caliber and size based on the shooter's needs.

I have always owned bolt-action rifles for deer hunting, and my first one was a Remington Model 700 chambered in 30-06. I got a somewhat heavier caliber so that I could hunt multi-species of big game and not just deer as I was on a budget. That gun is still with me today and has put a lot of good whitetails down to fill the freezer.

For youth hunting, I got my boy a Savage Arms AXIS youth chambered in .243, which has turned out to be an awesome rifle that allows him to get great groupings on the range and accurate shots on the hunt.

There is a great line of youth rifles now available for those starting out in hunting or for smaller-sized hunters who want lighter recoil and a smaller gun.

To me, there is nothing prettier than a well made bolt-action rifle; they really are a functional piece of art, and nothing is more iconic than the image of the whitetail hunter with a classic bolt-action rifle.

There is a huge selection of well-made deer rifles and to have a thorough look at some and to get expert advice head down to the Cabela's gun room and walk through a few before you buy.