Don't Get Cute: How Not to Skin a Deer

We're always on the search for easier and faster methods to processing our own deer, but this is not it.

There's the gutless method, the slow, careful method your grandfather taught you and then the easy way of using a lift or winch. The problem is, if your new to the idea of skinning a deer with a winch, you need to ensure it's secure.

Secure may not be the word we're looking for, however, ensuring whatever you are hanging your deer from is sturdy enough is important in ensuring successful winch skinning. There aren't many words that can describe this, but bottom line, we've all been there in one way or another. Take a look.

I have yet to use a winch or a mechanical method to skin my own deer and I process at least a dozen deer of my own a year. However, I've always thought it would be a great time-saving method yet this particular method may just have deemed otherwise.

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