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How Did This Dead Humpback Whale Wash Ashore in the Amazon Jungle?

Instagram/Bicho D'água

Scientists are baffled as to how a juvenile humpback made its way to the jungle island of Marajó.

A 26-foot-long whale carcass was discovered on the shore of Marajó Island in Brazil, and documented by the nonprofit group Bicho D'água.

Though only found about 16 yards from the beach, it's still a mystery as to how the assumed one-year-old whale calf got to where it was found.

News outlet reported that the whale likely lost track of its mother shortly before succumbing.

A portion of the carcass has been sent for necropsy testing to determine the cause of death.

A baleia jubarte encalhada em Soure, ilha de Marajó, era um filhote de cerca de um ano de idade e 8 m de comprimento. A...

Posted by Bicho D'água on Saturday, February 23, 2019

The whale was said to be "not as big as it looks" in the photos, but it's nonetheless a large, hard-to-miss piece of ocean debris.

It's not uncommon to see humpbacks near the Brazilian coast, but they're usually spotted in the area from July to November. This time of year they are making their way north towards Antarctica for the breeding season.




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How Did This Dead Humpback Whale Wash Ashore in the Amazon Jungle?