boat docking accident
Facebook: Fishing boat

How Could You Be This Bad at Docking a Boat?

It's hard to understand how things could go south this quickly.

We aren't sure exactly what's going on in this video, as the camera is pretty far from the action, and we have little to no context.

In a video posted to the Fishing boat Facebook page, we see caption that says "When you ask the wife to dock the boat." Now, this could've been inspired by some meme brainstorming, but I suppose it's possible that's what was actually happening here.

There is a guy on the dock waving the boat in, after all, so it does add up. The problem here, however, is that the boat doesn't stop.

Watch the video below:

So let's assume it actually his wife driving (not that it really matters). Had she never seen him drive the boat before? How, instead of going in reverse, do you end up flooring it over a dock?

You have to imagine the man on the dock was yelling out step-by-step instructions of what to do to avoid an accident like this.

Additionally, that doesn't look like an entry-level jon boat, but rather what looks like an expensive piece of machinery.

So, no matter who it was, it's probably safe to say he or she heard an earful from the owner.

Here's to hoping the boat didn't take on any serious damage, and then everyone walked away unscathed. It's always scary when someone falls out near a prop!