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Woman Stops Attackers in His Tracks With Concealed Firearm

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YouTube: The Second Amendment Daily Show

If anyone tries to tell you guns don't save lives, show them this.

Gun control has been a hot-button topic for some time now, going through inconsistent waves of scrutiny, which are solely determined by the United States' latest gun-related tragedy.

Now, as most Second Amendment supporters will agree, these tragedies have been horrific, and some kind of action needs to be taken. We're not going to debate gun laws here today. However, gun owners adamantly defend the notion that stripping law-abiding citizens of their constitutional right to defend themselves would be a grave mistake.

Unfortunately, mainstream media publicizes heinous acts of violence far more than effective acts of self-defense. For this reason, people often look right past the benefits of responsibly carrying a firearm with a CCW permit.

Well, here you go. This video illustrates exactly why having a concealed carry license and maintaining the right to bear arms is a necessity.

This goes down exactly how they teach on the training course when applying for a concealed handgun permit.

First off, you have to give this woman credit for remaining as calm as she did. This all happened very fast and it's obvious she's had some firearms training. That was just about the most effective use of a concealed firearm I've ever seen. Not only did she stop the threat, but she also managed to keep him at a safe distance while she reached for her phone to call law enforcement.

Second, let's go ahead and look at this situation and pretend she didn't have a gun in her purse or holster. What happens here? Does she stand a chance to get away from this guy? From what we can see here, there certainly don't look to be any witnesses nearby. She could have easily vanished forever, leaving friends and family wondering what happened.

Additionally, that's a pretty big guy, and he kind of had her backed into a corner. There would've been a serious struggle at the very minimum, and he didn't even have a weapon. But, because this woman had a concealed weapon, she was able to effectively defend herself and walk away unharmed.



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Woman Stops Attackers in His Tracks With Concealed Firearm