Watson Brothers 4 Bore Double Barreled Shotgun

How a Watson Brothers 4-Bore, Double-Barreled Shotgun is Made

Ever wonder how a really big shotgun is made?

Well, this Watson Brothers 4-bore shotgun certainly falls in the "big shotgun" category. And, in a video Field and Rural Life shared on YouTube, we see the process that goes into making one.

Not only is the incredible 4-bore shotgun a lot to handle, but you have two barrels in this case, which makes it absolutely enormous.

This smoothbore, double-barreled shotgun will throw a huge load and kick your shoulder out with some unbelievably heavy recoil.

If you add a rifled barrel and a rifle sight, you now have a huge-caliber double rifle. The mighty 4-bore rifle, which fires monstrous lead balls or other projectiles with black powder loads, was the one-two punch against African elephants. There was a time when this was a top choice for big-game hunters chasing dangerous game. When smokeless powder came along, the big, slow, black powder calibers were no longer necessary for hunters looking for maximum knockdown power. Eventually, this led to the death of the old-school elephant gun.

However, these guns are still works of art, aren't they?

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