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Video: Firing 4- and 2-Bore Shotguns is Brutal

firing 4 and 2 bore shotguns

Think your 12-gauge kicks too hard?

Well, you better not even think of shouldering these behemoth shotguns.

Get ready to watch the firing of 4- and 2-bore shotguns that kill at both ends.

Sometimes you just need to go big or go home.

That's what YouTuber mrtreebus did in this epic video. Muzzleloading 4- and 2-bore shotguns pack quite a punch. When loaded up for sporting clays, they'll certainly turn anything in front of them into dust.

Next time you hear someone complain of regular shotgun recoil, just show them this video.

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Video: Firing 4- and 2-Bore Shotguns is Brutal