KPRC 2 Houston

Houston Fire Trucks Damaged From Hurricane Harvey Are Still in Use

Something doesn't seem right as Houston fire trucks damaged by Hurricane Harvey are seen rolling the streets.

Last year Hurricane Harvey roared out of the Gulf and rumbled through the Greater Houston area, laying waste to everything in its path. From massive flood damage to houses to displacing a number of citizens in the area to rendering countless damaged cars, Hurricane Harvey had a huge effect on the region. One other area is also impacted was Houston's fire department through damaging its many fire trucks.

But local news station KPRC 2 Houston is reporting that a fleet of the city's fire trucks are back up and in use even after being deemed as "total losses" by FEMA. This is curious since the department sent in a grant application to FEMA to get more money while the trucks were grounded.

Assistant Chief Ruy Lozano responded to this by saying, "I was informed. I requested an audit. We got the audit and I sent it to our finance team and they're notifying FEMA."

On The Road, Off The Rails

Lozano mentioned that the Houston Fire Department, still reeling from the loss it occurred as a whole during last year's hurricane season, had no choice but to put the trucks back in service.

After KPRC began investigating this potential fraud, let's call it, the Houston Fire Department said it may ground one of its trucks after all. Returning a truck to service without it being fully repaired could, of course, spell out disaster when it comes to safety regulations.

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