Organize Your Stable Supplies With a Horse Blanket Rack

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Where do you store big and bulky horse blankets and saddlery when you are not using them? Finding horse blanket storage to keep your blankets nice and neat can be difficult. Blanket storage bags are great, but they don't allow for much air circulation. A blanket holder can manage your winter blankets, saddle pads, and more when you're not using them.

Keep your horse blankets clean and organized with a blanket rack. Check out these horse racks from Amazon.

Best Horse Blanket Racks

1. Blanket Rack Suitable for Horse Blankets, Saddle Blankets, Pads and Towels, Extra Long- 36" Made in The USA

This rack comes with four horse blanket bars for you to conveniently store away your stable blankets or horse clothing. The dowels are made of wood, so you don't have to worry about rusting. You can install this rack on this on a tack rack.

This company has been making handcrafted tack room furnishings for over 30 years. Check out their other products, such as the PVC and fleece dressage girths.

2. Country Manufacturing Swinging Blanket Bar and Saddle Pad Racks Set of 2 Racks. Swing Out Design.

This blanket bar is a perfect addition to your stable supplies. This rack measures 24-inches tall. Each arm is 31-inches long and can swivel out in both directions. You can use this rack to dry or hang your vests, stirrups, or fly sheets.

One customer recommends installing this high in your horse tack room so that the blankets don't touch the ground.

3. Echo Beach Equestrian Blanket Rack 33" Suitable for Horse Blankets, Saddle Blankets, Pads & Towels. Extra Long for Western Saddle Blankets and Horse Blankets.

This extra-large 33" blanket rack has four durable hanging rails that can handle your saddle blankets and saddle pads. The chained sides allow you to collapse this rack when not in use. This rack comes already assembled, so it is ready to use right away. All you need to do is hang this on a tack rack. You can also use this as a mini blanket ladder in your home for blankets or quilts.

For other storage ideas, check out this wall mount to store your grooming tools or fly masks.

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