Hornet's Nest .410
YouTube: Going Ballistic

Hornet's Nest Grenade Launcher Shoots Four .410 Shot Shells Simultaneously

Shooting four .410 shot shells at once looks like a lot of fun.

Not too long ago, we shared a video from YouTube shooting channel Going Ballistic highlighting a unique attachment for a 40mm grenade launcher called the "Hornet's Nest." Basically, it allows the user to fire 18 rounds of .22 long rifle at once from a grenade launcher tube. Surprisingly, it works rather well.

It turns out that unique device is not the only Hornet's Nest on the market though. Because there is also one of these devices chambered for .410 bore instead. One pull of the trigger allows the user to fire four rounds at once.

It is a fascinating device. One that looks like it is probably a lot of fun to shoot at the range with the right targets. Watch as they put it through its paces to determine which works better, birdshot or buckshot?

Between the two Hornet's Nest devices, this one seems slightly more practical than the .22 long rifle. If only because the projectiles from a .410 shell are designed to spread out from a larger barrel like this. The .410 seems to pattern a lot better than the .22 on the targets they had, regardless of the use of birdshot or buckshot.

While one could probably argue some self-defense applications here, we imagine the $400 price tag for one of these rounds combined with the mountain of permits and paperwork to own a grenade launcher will probably shoo away most buyers. Still, we enjoyed watching an interesting piece of firearms technology put through its paces on the range. These beehive/hornet's nest rounds cost a little over $400 each, so they are not meant for everyone.

It seems the hornet's nest was designed for one thing, and one thing only. That is a lot of fun at the shooting range with your buddies. Few can argue that it does not deliver on that promise!

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