Hornet's Nest .22lr
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'Hornet's Nest" Grenade Launcher Round Can Shoot 18 Rounds of .22 Long Rifle At Once

18 rounds of .22 long rifle at once? Why not?

In the world of firearms, people are constantly exploring, tinkering, and experimenting with radical new ideas. Some of these experiments are to solve practical problems with certain guns or simply to improve the performance of existing rounds. Then there is a whole segment of the gun community that does stuff simply because they can.

That seems to be the case with this unique round meant for a 40mm grenade launcher. It goes without saying that this is a rather unique product that most of us will never own due to the permits and paperwork that go into purchasing something like this.

In any case, this attachment allows the firing of 18 rounds .22 long rifle at once from the grenade launcher tube. Yes, really. Why? Well, as we have already mentioned, it seems they did it just for their own amusement!

This is one of those firearms developments that has absolutely no practical purpose other than ridiculous fun out on the gun range. We would be interested to see if the rifled version out-performs this one since it looks like some of the rounds are tumbling after being fired. In one of those slow-mos, it even looks like some of the rounds may be hitting one other. Precision accuracy was probably not what they had in mind when they designed this thing. We would be curious to see a chronograph readout of this thing. We imagine those rounds are losing some speed with no barrel.

This is more of a fun day at the range with buddies, seeing how quickly you can burn through ammo in a day type of thing. Maybe not the best thing to use in the middle of an ammo shortage!

Curious, we looked these beehive/hornet's nest rounds up and found they start a little over $400. Not including all the paperwork and fees one likely must pay to even own a grenade launcher in the first place. We suppose this is just another novelty in a long list of weird gun innovations. It is not the first, and it certainly will not be the last either.

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