Hooking Fish in the Keys Like a Professional

When seeking fish in the Keys, it's hard to have a better experience than this.

Luiza and Capt. Jimmy Nelson have been making waves on Youtube with their channel, and this video of fish in the Keys is their latest testament to their professionalism. Watch this video and see how to fish in the Keys like you mean it.

They were fishing in about 30 and 50 feet of water the whole time, and as you saw, it was a good depth to find numerous fish in the Keys.

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Luiza had much success with the Tsunami holographic swim bait and tied it with a Uni knot. Both her an Jimmy were getting action from Amberjacks, red snapper, and more.

Did you see how much that pole was bending when they hooked the Amberjack? These fish are "back-breakers," according to Capt. Jimmy. After watching this video, you know know what kind of fish you might hook in the Keys, so get ready for a fight.