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Angler Lands Impressive Shark Like a Professional

impressive shark

This impressive shark was caught right near the beach.

These anglers were fishing from the beach aiming for blacktop sharks, but they ended up landing an impressive shark that turned out to be a lemon shark.

Watch the action that had them out on the water until nightfall, and all ended with a nice looking lemon shark.

Did you see what happened to the hook when they had the first hit? The shark broke the hook right off, but that kind of thing just happens sometimes.

In case you missed it they were using shrimp on a chicken rig to catch jack and swim them to bait the shark. This was an effective tool as they landed two lemon sharks.

As Brook caught that last impressive shark when they were packing up, it goes to show that your should always be ready to catch a fish. If your bait's in the water, get ready to hook something.


Angler Lands Impressive Shark Like a Professional