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Angler Hooks Decent Shark by Accident

One of fishing's best attributes has to be its wealth of surprises, especially when it involves hooking a shark.

In this video a group of anglers are fishing the mullet run when one of them accidentally hooks a shark. Watch as they get surprised by the shark and witness the tough fight it takes to get it off the hook.

Did you see the angler's reaction to hooking the shark? He kept begging it to slow down when it was running his line out.

They weren't sure what they had and according to the Youtube user, "I'm guessing I either snagged a mullet and something ate it, like a blacktip or giant jack crevalle."

It just goes to show you never know what you're going to hook, and if you catch a shark be careful. Note how these guys released the shark in the proper way, pointing it out to see and keeping a safe distance from its teeth.


Angler Hooks Decent Shark by Accident