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Trolling for Massive Kingfish in the Deep Blue Sea

Using live bait, these guys hook up with massive kingfish in Florida’s waters.

The angeles from BlacktipH team up with 1Rod1ReelFishing an go slow trolling for massive kingfish using live bait.

Watch this video and learn some great tricks for the next time you’re on the water trying to land these fish.

Referred to as kingfsh in Florida, these king mackerel are very sought after fish in the the southern seas of America. As you can see, Mike learned that landing a massive kingfish is much more challenging than reeling in a bass. The kingfish put up a fight, and if you’re not willing to fight back, the fish is as good as gone.

Did you see how big that last kingfish was? It was such a massive kingfish that Josh was having a tough time even lifting the beast once it got into the boat.

The success of this fish tip was due in large part to their guide, Slob City Charters. Although these anglers did know quite a bit about how to get these fish into the boat once they were hooked. If you want to catch fish like you saw in this video, get down to Florida and find Capt. Carl Torresson from Slob City Charters.


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Trolling for Massive Kingfish in the Deep Blue Sea