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Hooked Mako Shark Leaps, Nearly Ends Up in Another Boat

A fighting mako shark nearly leaped its way into history by landing inside of a moving boat.

The mako shark is well known for its fighting veracity when it feels the bite of an angler's hook, but this one nearly made itself famous for leaving the scene in another fisherman's boat!

Once they've been hooked, a mako will leap and leap again, sometimes as much as 10 feet out of the water. This one is no different; not only did it leap many feet from the surface, but it was stripping line and moving away from these fishermen yards at a time.

Maybe without knowing it, another boater happened by, thinking all the while that they were a safe and respectable distance, enough to let them get on with their battle. Well, they almost got the hitchhiker of their lives instead!

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Warning: graphic language used in the video

10 News First Perth reported that this footage was taken "off Peak Island, near Yeppoon in Queensland" Australia. Try as they might, this video shows the epic battle you undertake trying to fight one of the ocean's fiercest fighters.

This species, known as the shortfin mako shark (it's also called the blue pointer), can launch like a rocket when hooked, but they commonly use this technique to strike their prey, with hopes of wounding or killing it.

Anglers everywhere, especially in Australia, consider this great shark one of their favorite targets to fish for. Makos have even been fitted with transmitters to prove how fast and powerful they are.

The bottom line is that they are another great species for anglers to target the world over, as long as we understand that the species is as fragile as any other and needs to be treated with the respect that it deserves.

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