Homemade Tear Drop Camper
YouTube: New Jersey Outdoor Adventures

Homemade Tear Drop Camper Proves You Can Go Camping Cheaply

Tear drop campers have become extremely popular in recent years. They're light and easy to tow without being too much of a drag on your gas milage. Many of today's modern models are packed with incredible features that you'd normally expect in full-size campers and RVs. There's only one problem with them, and that's the cost. We've recently seen these campers start at anywhere from $18,000 to $30,000! For those keeping track, you can often get a full-size travel trailer for those prices. In many ways, it feels like the market for this kind of trailer has gotten a little out of control. They used to be so much more affordable.

Well, people are noticing that price jump, and some ambitious campers have taken matters into their own hands. The guy in this video is just one example. He started out with a cheap, $499 cargo trailer from Harbor Freight. He used that as the foundation and then built his own tear drop camper from the ground up. It's more impressive than it looks, too. This tiny trailer has almost all the amenities of a larger trailer for a much more affordable price!

This is one of the most impressive tiny camper builds we have ever seen. Most tear drops have a kitchen area in the back, but this one had both a mini fridge and a microwave. We usually don't see both of those stuffed in this style of camper. For that matter, we usually don't see a TV or air conditioner that large either, yet both creature comforts naturally fit into the space and add to the versatility of this camper.

We also found it extremely interesting he chose all the appliances first and then built the camper around them. That seems like good advice for anyone looking to build their own tiny camper, because then you aren't forced to compromise when things don't fit exactly the way you're planning. In any case, we could definitely see ourselves getting good use out of one of these tiny trailers. It looks like the perfect little weekend adventuring unit for anyone who wants a camper on a budget!

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