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In Recognition of the Remarkable Tent: Your Home Out in the Wilds

Camping outside almost always happens in tents.

These handy shelters have forever been synonymous with camping, and the variety and effectiveness has increased and improved over time, almost exponentially in the last few years.

We wanted to examine why the ever-popular tent truly is the best shelter for any camping enthusiast.

We can begin at the start of our outdoor addiction, when a simple tent got us out into the unknown wilds. This shelter allowed us to experience the woods in a nighttime setting, and was a great basecamp when the outdoors called for a little protection from the elements.

The simple tent worked very well for us until the need to upgrade arised. An improved tent allows for longer rain protection and a lighter weight to pack farther into the backcountry.

Many times the size factor has led to "car or truck camping," for when there is no need to haul out gear way out in the boonies.

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In this case, all of the essentials of a tent are satisfied, with plenty of extras available. This works well for grumpy spouses and tired children. They might actually love the experience and look forward to the next trip.

When hunting season comes around and deer or elk are on the brain, a classic canvas wall tent is perfect for camp.

Sportsman's Guide

No matter what kind of tent you pick a tent is almost a mandatory piece of gear for your camping needs.


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In Recognition of the Remarkable Tent: Your Home Out in the Wilds