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5 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers in 2022

We know man's best friend holds a special place in the hearts of outdoorspeople. Whether we use them as hunting partners, fishing buddies, or just love to get outside, our four-legged family members deserve the best. That's why we determined the seven best things you can get for your pup or a canine lover on your shopping list.

Our Top Pick for Leashes

Browning Classic Dog Webbing Leash
- Amazon, $16.99

Go with this Browning Dog Leash for an inexpensive gift. Browning's leashes are useful for outdoorsy types who always have a dog by their side. The leash has a special D-ring for different attachment options. It lets owners clip their furry companions to a tree or other stationary objects in a pinch.

The camo is Mossy Oak, so odds are you and your dog will match!

Best Dog Tracking Gift

Garmin TT™ 15X Dog Device
- Amazon, $349.99

Every hunter who takes their dog into the field knows the fear of losing them. Maybe your bird dog takes off after a kill and never comes back. Perhaps you lose track of her while you both walk home after sunset.

Luckily, Garmin set out to allay those fears with the TT 15X. With 80 hours of battery life and numerous stimulation features, the TT 15X trains your dog to stay close and tracks it when it doesn't. The TT 15X is a way cheaper option than the Alpha series, which is why it makes our list of top gifts for dog lovers.

Our Top Dog Crate Cushion Pick

Mud River Crate Cushion - Amazon, $40.29

Hunting dogs do hard work. They deserve to feel comfy after a long day chasing down game for their owners. Make sure the hunting dog in your life takes quality naps on the drive home with this crate cushion from Mud River.

The cushion features an inch of padding, creating a sturdy pad that will last for many hunting seasons. The cushion dries out, making it ideal for working dogs who dive into the water after waterfowl. It's also washable with a hose and soap.

Our Favorite Backseat Dog Cover

Browning Universal Front Seat & Bench Covers - Amazon, $40.04

Sometimes it's too cold to let your dog ride in the crate in your pickup truck bed. If you don't mind letting your dog inside your truck after a hunt, you can keep the interior clean with a quality seat cover from Browning. Who knows better than one of the best outdoor brands? This water-resistant seat cover is made to fit most full-sized bench seats. It's easy to install and clean, and the double-stitched seams will make this a one-time purchase.

The Best Dog Vests for Busy Dogs

Browning Camo Neoprene Dog Vests - Amazon, $26.54-$44.57

Keep your hound safe and warm while waterfowl hunting with this Browning dog vest. The vest's neoprene fabric doesn't just keep them warm-the pliable chest plate protects the dog from rocks and sticks as they bound forward after kills. It's also fully adjustable, features extra release buckles, and is easy to hand-wash. All of these features make it one of the best gifts for dog lovers you could purchase this year.

This article was originally published on November 22, 2018.