Ryan Williamson

Hole 'Swallows' Deer in Tennessee, Park Officials Launch Rescue

This deer found itself in quite a predicament - one that was literally six feet under.

We've seen our share of locked bucks, ice-stranded does, and animals caught in fences. But a spike buck stuck deep in a hole? This one is definitely a first.

A visitor spotted the hapless deer on February 10 in Cades Cove, Tennessee, and notified park officials. Members of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park administered drugs to immobilize the animal before winching it up and out of the deep hole.

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The young buck came out of this adventure unscathed and no worse for wear and headed off into the night once the sedatives wore off.

Park officials believe the deer became trapped in either a sinkhole or karst topography. No word on whether or not the hole will be filled in.