atv vs flight of stairs

Hold My Beer: ATV vs. Flight of Stairs

Here's what you get when you mix an ATV, a flight of stairs and a bad idea. Hint: It doesn't end well.

"When daddy asked me why I did it, I made him laugh out loud when I told him 'cause the chicks dig it." Those may be the words from a Chris Cagle song, but like most bad ideas, they are relatable.

Who knows what this guy was trying to do, but we know what he did. I'm sure the conversation started out something like, "No man, I got this. All I need to do is use the back brakes and I'll be fine." And then, of course, the infamous line, "Hold my beer."

After the stunt however, the conversation may have changed. All in all, if you want to know the quickest way to get an ATV down a flight of stairs, this may be it. Better yet, the snapchat selfie his buddy captured may have been even more epic than the fall itself.

Take a look:

Now we all know that things happen. This guy, probably knew the dangers involved but hey, we don't have time, let's get this thing down. How the ATV ended up there in the first place, we may never know. We will, however, know how it all went down, literally.

The original video was first posted here, and although the poor guy was probably in a lot of pain, I think more pain comes from the"experts" commenting on his video.

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