Vimeo: Chris Robinson

The 'Night Crew' Showcases Predator Hunting Like We've Never Seen Before

There is more than one way to kill coyotes after dark, and the boys from Night Crew show us just how to do it.

The guys that bring the night hunt into the light and have a unique way of showing it.

These guys use thermal imaging, night vision optics, high-powered lights, and performance-based firearms to hunt lots of nighttime predators. Whether it's coyotes, bobcats, or something else, the boys of Night Crew know how to get it done when it comes to hunting the dark.

Their television series airs on Sportsman Channel and the trailer below gives us a look at what they're all about.

We all know coyotes, bobcats, and other predators can be a nuisance to any property from urban to rural. Who, however, knew hunting coyotes could be so wild? The boys from Night Crew leave us on edge, in a good way, and have redefined what it means to be called a predator hunter.

If this doesn't make you want to start predator hunting at night, nothing will.

Dressed in apparel and covered in gear that looks like a military operation, and using tactics of the same vein, these guys will get your blood pumping for more. There's no doubt coyote hunting isn't easy, but these guys make it look like it is with their incredible predator tactics.

These nocturnal animals have no idea what they're in store for.

Predator hunting is often kept in the dark, but seeing this crew hunt coyotes at the levels they do is amazing. Through cold weather and long nights, from long range or point blank, these night hunters

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